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At Xingping Li River Lodge, the famous scenery featured on the Chinese 20 Yuan note is right outside the door. This is where the Li River makes a big turn with undulating karst hills, turquoise water and verdant bamboo bush. Each of the 18 rooms is named after a beautiful flower and tastefully designed and decorated with Keren’s impressive collection of classic Chinese furniture. Every room is equipped with a flat screen, so you can enjoy Keren’s marvelous slide show programs taking you to travel around the world and China.

This boutique lodge is well insulated, maintaining comfortable temperatures and moderate humidity all year round. Smoking is strictly prohibited. This is where Chinese tradition meets modern luxury, a unique experience that will surely make your vacation memorable.


Cross bridge in Xingping Town, drive along Li River towards Nine Horse Mural Hill for 1.5km. At crossroads of Liran Hotel, turn right, walk 100m.


Phone: 0773-8701189


Zip: 541906

Address: Huashan Village, Xingping, Yangshuo,Guilin, Guangxi, China


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